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Redmond Ridge

Redmond Ridge

Redmond, Washington

Goldsmith Role:

·         Co-Planner

·         Entitlements

·         Road & Utility Design

·         Platting

·         Surveying


·         Urban Planned Development

·         +/- 1250 Single Family Housing Units

·         +/- 250 Multi-Family Units

·         Parks, Open Space and Recreation Facilities

·         +/- 8 Acre Shopping Center


The project is a landmark accomplishment.  The Entitlements phase literally “wrote the book” in King County for a large Master Planned Community which was dubbed “Urban Planned Development” (UPD).  Once the UPD permits were in place and the Master Plat recorded, which legally established the land uses based on the Master Plan, each individual development node could move forward.  Because of the accelerated timeline imposed by the Client, several consultants worked concurrently, which necessitated considerable coordination.