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Executive Bios

Keith Goldsmith

Keith J Goldsmith, P.E. 

President & ceo

Keith directs all facets of land development consulting, client relations, and fiscal management. He has the pivotal job of balancing project management with personnel management and has experience in project management for some of the largest and most complicated residential and golf course developments in the region. Using the state-of-the-art hydrologic methods, Keith has engineered major master drainage plans including hydrologic interfacing and wetland and stream resource protection.

Brian Fields

Brian P. Fields

Sr. Engineering Project Manager

Brian Fields is one of the firm's lead project engineers for grading and drainage design and road, utility and overall plat development improvements. Liaising between developers and various agencies, he’s an expert in the engineering and platting aspects of land development. His expertise has secured construction, land use, preliminary plat and/or entitlement permits from most major governmental agencies in the state of Washington. Brian’s vast field of expertise includes feasibility evaluation, planning, engineering studies, infrastructure systems, financial analysis and final design supervision of land use plans.

Lee Nyquist

Lee D. Nyquist

Director of Survey, P.L.S.

As Director of Survey, Lee is responsible for direct oversight and management of all field and office activities related to land survey. This includes engineering and surveying calculations for construction staking, preparing legal descriptions, mapping survey projects (topographic, boundary and A.L.T.A.), and coordinating large subdivision platting base control data. Lee regularly interfaces with other professionals regarding issues related to various development, design, and construction activities and strives to maintain a working environment that facilitates best practices to meet project goals efficiently while providing best value for each client.