Goldsmith History

1958: The average price of a home was $18,000. The average salary was $5,500. The average lot survey was $40.

And Goldsmith opened its doors for business for the very first time.

We wasted no time demonstrating our expertise. That same year, King County adopted its first comprehensive land use plan as well as a study to protect our vulnerable water resources. In both cases, we were there.

Throughout the years, we’ve continued to take the lead and set the bar higher for our industry. Three years before the Washington State Environmental Protection Act, Goldsmith was designing storm water retention ponds to prevent erosion of the Sammamish Plateau. Ten years before there was a Department of Ecology Storm Water Protection Manual, we were monitoring sensitive areas and providing drainage control analysis to protect wetlands and streams at Klahanie, Redmond Ridge and McCormick Woods. And we led the state’s first project to utilize the Environmental Protection Agency’s Continuous Modeling method—setting the standard for future regulation. Since taking the lead more than 50 years ago, we haven’t looked back. As our region has continued to evolve so too has our experience in delivering innovative, effective services to our clients.