About Goldsmith

Family-owned and operated, Goldsmith has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the Pacific Northwest for more than half a century. One of the foremost engineering and land development firms in the region, we offer our clients unparalleled expertise through a broad spectrum of services, including feasibility for land development; planning, engineering and surveying for site work construction; and the management of environmental and entitlement permit process.

Specializing in residential, recreational, industrial and commercial developments, Goldsmith is well-versed in the distinctions between the area’s municipalities, making us uniquely qualified to navigate today’s complex regulatory environment.  Throughout the entire collaborative process, our team is service-oriented and hands-on—from the top on down—focusing on best solutions and value engineering.

We approach each project with the same goal in mind: to make our clients’ vision a reality through strategic thinking, practical experience and responsible solutions.