Construction Support Services

Goldsmith’s construction support includes:

Cost Projections and Timelines:

Familiar with current prices and highly respected by contractors in our industry, we prepare engineering cost estimates and bid schedules, provide guidance on contractor selection, arrange scheduling and review construction activities.

NPDES Coordination

Goldsmith can provide all necessary steps for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) construction permitting with the Washington State Department of Ecology.  This includes application and notice of intent, preparation of necessary Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) plans, and the coordination of implementation and monitoring.

Construction Observation:

Offering peace of mind for clients, Goldsmith can verify that construction is consistent with the plans and the data supports future record drawings.  Often a level of engineer’s observation or “as-built” data may be required by the project permit and/or municipality. This may include monitoring for NPDES compliance and observing earthwork practices, storm water facilities construction, or erosion and sedimentation control techniques.

Project Closeout:

Assisting the client in project closeout can expedite the process of addressing punch list items and obtaining full acceptance of improvements.  Goldsmith can coordinate the contractor’s implementation of approved construction drawings with the final drawings and electronic files required by a county or city to close the project quickly and efficiently.